Toothie’s Tips (digital file) – English version


This sheet allows professionals to discuss 10 tips for good oral health.


  • Cariogenic and non-cariogenic snacks
  • Daily oral hygiene routine (brushing, fluoridated toothpaste, dental floss)
  • Regular visits to the dentist and dental hygienist

Using advice:

  • This sheet can be given to families to help them remember healthy oral hygiene habits.
  • During a follow-up appointment, the dental hygienist and/or the child can circle one or more challenges to be taken up at home. The illustration of the mouth (number 7) can be used to indicate areas where there is plaque and tartar. This sheet will make it easier for the child to remember which areas to focus on more when brushing and flossing.
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SIZE: Digital file (pdf) 11” x 8,5”

AUTHORS: Fannie Leblanc, DH and Stéphanie Francoeur, DH

ILLUSTRATOR: Audrey Tremblay

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